Cosette: 3 years!

Being Cosette's Mom is honestly such a joy. When she's with me running errands, people stop to talk to her in the grocery store and at the bank because she's so adorable they can't resist, and then when they hear her little Minnie Mouse voice they can't stop. She tells everyone her name is "Cosette Mae Fox Kiddo" and don't try and call her anything else or you will get corrected. She brings a lot of sweetness into our home and she is 100% girl. Cosette is obsessed with all things pink and purple, cupcakes, playing in her pretend kitchen, flowers, helping me make meals in our actual kitchen, and butterflies. She is absolutely terrified of spiders, though. One day when she was going down for a nap I heard her yelling from the other side of the door, "There's a monster in my room!" I went in to find out what that meant and sure enough there on the floor was a big fat wolf spider and I couldn't help but laugh. I adore the way she says cantaloupe {canta-loop} and how she wrinkles her nose and talks out of the side of her mouth when she's concentrating. Another favorite mannerism is the way her eyes get so wide and she shows you all her fingers when describing something as "big and HUGE!" After attending Vacation Bible School this summer I overheard her teaching her stuffed animal, "Baymax, God loves you, and God loves me too." I honestly didn't think she would ever be potty trained after all of her back and forth but one day a few weeks ago she just woke up and said, next Wednesday I'm going to wear undies. And then she did and hasn't looked back since. She's still a petite little thing in spite of her sweet tooth and she just barely graduated to 3T clothes. She says her favorite food is strawberries and that her favorite thing to do is play with her castle. She's pretty sensitive and needs a whole lot of snuggling, she still wants to be with Mom most of the time. We had a lot of fun pulling together her birthday party, this is actually the very first "friends" party I have ever done and while  I made some minor rookie mistakes, all in all we had a fantastic day. Cosette had requested we make butterfly masks, eat butterfly food, and dance. We accomplished all of those things and threw in some water balloon games for good measure. She was such a little hostess running to the door whenever someone arrived, saying "Come in to my party!" and then telling Evan, " Dad, Bella is here!" It was a thrill to watch her bask in the limelight of her special day. Looking forward to what this new year brings!