Rich and Marilyn's Farewell

 We really thought last Christmas was going to be our last trip to California for quite some time, but after the delay in mission papers for Richard's radiation early this year, the doctors took their time and we lucked into some $100 round trip tickets for the farewell! This trip was filled with simple family time and traditions, Apple Hill of course, a little Cameron Park Lake carnival which funnily enough turned out to have a whole lotta LDS missionaries participating as the volunteer staff, a temple trip with all the adults, Richard and Marilyn's wonderful talks and open house party, and a gold mine of family history documents discovered in Grandma Fox's attic. Watching my in-laws prepare to leave on a mission has been a really cool experience for me. After spending their whole lives raising children, just barely finishing a ton of remodeling on their home and reaching retirement, you would think they would be ready to relax and enjoy themselves but not so. It's pretty amazing to hear their testimonies of Christ and to see their commitment demonstrated by the fact that they are willing to leave their grandchildren and everything else behind to move to another country for 18 months to serve others. Not something a lot of people in their 60's choose to do. We will miss them but sincerely cannot wait to hear what they are up to across the pond and are crossing our fingers and saving our pennies in hopes of visiting!