Routines are sweet, sweet sanity at our house. It is in the steady rhythm of our ins and outs that I find so much beauty in this family life.


Temple Saturdays- we switch off turns while the other one explores Indy with the littles 
Date Night- leave the children with Annie and bolt! For at least, you know... two hours


Sundays- Church (duh) and lots of meetings for Evan, then Facetime the parents and siblings
Mondays- Preschool for Winston, Purdue for Evan
Tuesdays- Institute for me (although its been mostly a miss this semester- Sorry Bishop!), Purdue for Evan
Wednesdays- Preschool for Winston followed by Toddler Bible study with Mrs.Bittles, Purdue for Evan followed by more church meetings
Thursdays- Playgroup with all our favorite friends, often with an evening library visit, Purdue for Evan
Friday-Preschool for Winston and Joy School for Cosette, Purdue for Evan,  but most importantly Pizza/Movie Night!
Saturdays- Free for all......but Purdue for Evan 


Faith East gym for me with Meghan
 Family Scripture Study- shuffle the Book of Mormon Cards and pick a character to read about
Purdue for Evan
Laundry, dishes, and pick up the TOYS- chore charts should apply here, I struggle
2-3 PM Mandatory quiet time, nobody speaks
Trampoline time!
Dinner and Bedtime Circus