We're really big on living room dance parties around this joint so this is a perfect peak into our celebrations. Sometimes my birthday feels a bit like it falls into a holiday hangover- we've been celebrating ALL THE THINGS for weeks and everyone (myself most of all) is ready to get back to a routine. But I do love that it also falls on the new year, a fresh start, goal setting, an excellent way to greet a new age. In the last year of my twenties, I'm chanting to myself "One thing is needful (John10:42)" and hoping to let the rest fall away, or at least scoot back and make room for what matters most. Evan gave me my most favorite gift this year- a family video! My kids and I could watch these all day long (and occasionally we do!) He's a little behind because he's like becoming a doctor or something so this on is actually the 2015 year in review- love reliving all these moments.