Jordan and Amber's Wedding

Our first day in Philadelphia we got to go to a New Jersey Devils game with my siblings and it was so fun to finally have a chance to grill Jordan on all the details about his bride-to-be. She is a sweetheart and we look forward to getting to know her better! Thanks to Jordan and Amber for picking such a cool place to get married- we got to eat Cafe Rio (notable), explore the National Mall and Smithsonian for a few hours (we catered to Cosette whose favorite animal is a butterfly and dreams of being an astronaut when she grows up), and spend a day at my Uncle Dan and Aunt Anika's gorgeous home singing around the piano while Grandma played. That is a memory I will cherish forever. While Anika was holding Vivian she commented on how you can just feel her happy countenance and it's so true! Our little Viv sure is a special girl. Winston was so funny the whole weekend just cheesing it up and trying to get right between Jordan and Amber in every picture, he was a ham and his velvet dinner jacket and bow tie were just the ticket. It was my first time inside the Washington D C temple and wow is it stunning. The dance had to be my favorite part though, first watching my mom work it to "Get Silly" for the mother/son dance in her fabulous dress, and then dancing for hours and hours with my little family and my siblings.