Joy School

Cosette got to do a little "preschool" of her own this year- we set up a Joy school rotation with friends from church and every Wednesday and Friday she got to play for 2 hours. I had planned to do this with Winston when he was three and then we ended up moving so I was really looking forward to getting the full experience. In the end- I adored about 50% of the ideas and thought the other 50% were a outdated. The music in particular needs a complete revamp- but the concepts are spot on. This was such a genius set up because we had regular built in play dates and I only had to teach once every 4-6 weeks- yes please! Some of my favorite activities were helping the kids make vegetable soup and telling them yoga stories. It makes you love your friends so much more to get to spend that kind of time with their kids- doing things you generally wouldn't plan for a casual play date.