Vivian's First Birthday!

We kept this birthday pretty low key as we had family in town and Cosette's first dance recital all on this same day. We just invited the Pratt and Christensen families over for dinner, cake, and the kids played in the backyard. Everyone signed Vivian's birthday book and we watched her sweet birthday video that Evan put together- always the highlight. I was so thrilled to give her her first smash cake and she was shockingly unimpressed! For a little girl who adores food so much she sure didn't seem to care. She tasted a tiny bit and then just started throwing it on the floor. I think it was because she had already been eating for a full 90 minutes beforehand... Vivian is such a little light in our home. She is just easy going and happy and brings so much joy with her. She started walking right on her birthday which was a fun milestone. She loves to be with her siblings in the middle of their play, is not terribly interested in baths or swings, but adores turning the pages of books. Her bright red curly hair and chubby cheeks grab attention everywhere we go generally followed by- where did she come from!? She is a mover and into everything. I thought I had adjusted to three kids... and then she started walking. She is a Daddy's girl and saves all her kisses for him- I jealous but man is it sweet to watch. She would never take the binky out of her mouth if she got the choice but she can say "Uh-oh", "da-da", and "all-done". The only time she is mad is when she is hungry and she has the pipes to let you hear about it.  She still napes twice a day in her little closet nursery and has been a fabulous sleeper. She's in diaper size 4 and clothing size 18-24 months and really not fitting in to her sisters hand me downs at all. I am so looking forward to watching her personality grow this coming year, one year olds are just the best little humans.