Winter Activities

Winter in Indiana is loooooooooonnnnnng.  I thought we were prepared for it coming from Utah but the difference is- in Utah you can go outside in the winter. You can go play in the snow, you can put on warm clothes and go for a run, you'll be just fine. In Indiana it's humid and bitter and the snow never lands it just blows around and around and around. Another problem is we live in a farm town so there aren't a whole lot of indoor options. We scheduled a couple classes to keep us sane from January- May. Winston chose soccer (indoor!) with Luke and Jeremy and I was so proud of him! I got to sit on the bleachers and chat with a couple of my favorite Mama's who are usually too busy for park dates so it was a treat for me and Cosette's friend Mia was there to entertain her each week. I was worried he would be aggressive but he was genuinely excited for his teammates and would cheer so happily for them when they did things correctly. It ended in march but he still sleeps with his medal and note from his coach under his pillow- so proud. Cosette chose dance and let it be known here and now- I am not a dance mom! I mean seeing tiny three year olds in leotards and ballerina buns will nearly kill you with cuteness but come recital weekend- watch out! It was good for her to have something of her very own but I couldn't really tell if she loved it all that much. Winston and I would play games in the game room while she was in class which gave us some good bonding time and probably gave Vivian a serious immunity boost for all the things she lick. Ew. They sure were the comic relief at the recital though! Next time we'll try gymnastics.