Here's to our 8th year!

The biggest change in our marriage this year came from me taking an online therapy class called The Art of Desire by Jennifer Finlayson-Fife which is specifically designed for LDS woman to better help them understand their sexuality. If this is making you uncomfortable for me to admit, sorry! Stop reading! But honestly after 3 children in four years I frankly didn't have any desire to be intimate... maybe EVER again. Obviously our marriage was suffering from that and we were both feeling hurt. This class was a complete paradigm shift for me in helping me identify false traditions and ideas about sex both from the media/worldly culture and also from "Mormon" culture within the church (notice I said culture NOT doctrine). Learning about God's true design for all types of intimacy in marriage (not just physical) and better appreciating the physical body he created for me has been the greatest blessing in our relationship and for me personally and I can't recommend taking this class highly enough. It's not just for couples either- I would recommend this class to any adult woman. I promise your husband will be glad he paid for it and you will too!