Tanner and Natalie's Wedding

Sure love this baby brother of mine and I can't say enough how PROUD I am of the person he has become. I had my doubts when I was editing his Freshman English papers but boy was I wrong. Some of my most favorite memories with him growing up were: dates to Ho Ho's Kitchen, making toffee oatmeal cookies one million times, watching him get hit on by every waitress who ever served us, the time he told off the flight attendant because "My Dad OWNS this plane" and the time they asked me (age 17) "little girl" to move out of the exit row but let my 12 year old little brother stay because he already had a 5 o clock shadow, knowing he was going to be an outrageously sore loser any time we played a game/competition, laughing at all his Dad shirts, and every time he rubbed the knots out of my shoulders.  His wedding was such a fun celebration, it was so entertaining to see so many of his friends show up all the way across the country in support of him and Natalie and witness all their antics either first or secondhand (in the case of the bachelor party-thankfully!). This very last picture is my favorite of the whole night and a pretty good feel for how the reception went for everyone- wish I had one of him and Natalie jumping into the pool! Also- weddings are too stressful chasing around three little crazies pregnant in a nice dress and heels in extremely un-childproof *unfenced pool still giving me nightmares*  areas- someone remind me next time please to just wear a maxi dress and flats and hire three nannies as well. I haven't spent nearly as much time with this couple as I would like to so hopefully we can squeeze in a few good visits while our time in Utah overlaps for a few short months.


  1. What a beautiful couple and what a lovely wedding pictures. These all pictures showing the simplicity of wedding are a treat to watch. Loved the way a very simple and elegant wedding took place here.

    Thanks for sharing the wedding with us.

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