2018 Book List

Outliers- I devoured this book and felt strongly that Evan has a part in this type of divine design experience with his interest in mobile learning. I read the whole thing in a couple days while I was at my parents house getting ready to go to Paris.
Rick Steve's Paris- All the research behind what to see on our trip!
Guernsey Potato Peal Pie Society- I re read this on the train in London because I saw that Netflix was making this book into a movie, it was just as charming and lovely as the first time and I thought they did a great job on the movie too.
Uniquely Human- This book was to research autism after Winston was diagnosed, see that post for it's full review but strongly recommend!
Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling- I loved this book. I listened to the audio book on our library app and it took me a very long time but it was worth it. It came out at the same time as the first Saints book but I am glad I listened to this one instead. I loved the part where he details all the theories people have on where the Book of Mormon came from and my very favorite part was the quote by Joseph Smith when he says "I couldn't always get a revelation when I needed one." That just made me feel like I'm doing okay too then!
The Tattooed Mormon - read this book while we were in Mexico and she talks about her conversion story and also how she felt strongly that she needed to move to Utah even though she didnt want to and how it kind of sucked when she got there but regardless she still knew she was in the right place. Ha! Couldn't have come at a better time for me.
The Gift of Giving Life- Read this book because I unexpectedly got pregnant with  my 4th baby in 6 years and I was not thrilled about it so I needed something to help me through it and BOY did this book come through. I didn't love all the personal experience chapters but the essays by the main authors, especially those centered on scriptures about childbearing were life changing for me and helped me feel deeply connected to God through this pregnancy in a way I hadn't taken the time to do with any of the previous 3.
There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather- I listened to this book while driving through a Wyoming snow storm with all three of my children- how fitting. It was written by a woman from Scandinavia who ended up moving to rural Indiana and its pretty fascinating to hear the difference in culture related to playing outside. Its also part of the Montessori philosophy to always have outdoor play no matter the weather so we'll keep trying to incorporate this into our very American life style.
Dad is Fat- I listened to this book while painting trim in our newly purchased house before our moving van arrived. It is clean funny comedy but not one I would listen to again. My favorite chapter was the one on Disney world as we had just recently been and it hit so close to home!
The Book of Mormon- The annual December reading! The part that sticks out to my most this time through was an experience I had on Christmas Eve, I was reading in our new living room with a window that has a view of the temple and I was reading in 3 Nephi when Christ appears to the Nephites in Bountiful at the temple.  I just had this strong feeling then that I too would "see" Christ here in Bountiful and I felt like despite how hard everything was turning out to be, we were in the right place.