Sister Hutchinson

I got to spend a special little weekend with this girl as she went to the temple for the first time in preparation for her mission. Since I'm writing this after the fact I have the benefit of hindsight but even beforehand I was SO excited about her going on a mission and knew it would absolutely be the best thing for her. She was called to Buenos Aires West Spanish speaking and left in February 2019. Her letters would just absolutely crack me up- she genuinely considers herself a princess and when she found she had to wash her clothes in a bucket she wrote that it was fine because Cinderella did the same thing. Another time she was writing about a woman who needed to get married to her boyfriend so she could get baptized and was horrified at the Elder's plan. She wrote "I may not know anything about speaking Spanish but I KNOW weddings." While she was in the MTC President Nelson made the announcement that missionaries could call home every week and so I got to talk to her quite often and it was such a JOY to stay in contact and watch her grow. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic she ended up having to come home early (March 2020) and she had an overnight layover in SLC. I broke out of quarentine and I remember feeling so guilty but I brought her Swig and we sat in my mini van for 3 hours and she told me all about so many different experiences it was so special- a night I'll never forget. Love this girl!!