Dead Horse State Park

Around week 6 of quarantine the depression and stress got pretty suffocating- we woke up one Saturday morning planning to plant the garden and do other yard work but Evan said "Lets go camping today." We just threw our stuff in the car and went! National Parks were closed but state parks stayed open so we headed to Dead Horse State Park in Moab. Evan and I had been for a mountain bike ride several years previously and we knew we wanted to go back. The first camping trip of the season is always and experience-I forget so many things- particularly the roasting sticks! We hope to go many many times this summer as we will be in Utah for at least 6 months longer and the West is just a magical place to experience the outdoors. We went for a family bike ride along the gorgeous gorge, ate hot dogs, read "scary" stories around the fire ( The BFG) and roasted marshmallows. Evan went to bike Slickrock Saturday morning and I took the kids on a hike that accidentally ended up being over 2 miles but they did well. It was a quick 24 hours but a much needed mood booster and anxiety release before Evan started his new job Monday morning.