Back to School- Thank HEAVENS!

 We are so lucky to be at a Charter school- they allowed us to vote as parents how we wanted this school year to look due to Covid and practically all of us wanted to go back in person. The schedule we ended up with had them in person full time 4 days a week with digital Fridays. They do have to wear masks every day and there are lots of other restrictions like water fountains are closed, there is no moving classrooms so you have the same teacher for both literacy and math, they are having them eat lunch outside, etc. But I am just feeling SO LUCKY that they get to go back.


Winston- Second grade with Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Hyde- a few days into school I started getting emails from Winston's teacher suggesting he made need glasses. Sure enough! Poor kid could only see a few feet in front of his face. We had a heck of a time dealing with this because as he argued "the 76ers do not wear glasses!" Luckily I googled Ben Simmons and found some photos of him wearing spectacles and we were able to talk Winston into wearing them but he INSISTED they could only be Nike brand so that's what we got.

Cosette- Kindergarten with Mrs. Sheppherd

 Vivain- Preschool 3's with Miss Eggett