Noelle turns 2!

 We had a darling little Baby Shark party for this two year old girl who has been making the song request for at least 6 months of her life. She wanted to go swimming so we went to the rec center where she proceeded to drag Kara up and down the stairs of the water slides over and over again. Marilyn decorated the cake for her and Christian and Sarah and family along with Sami all came over for the dinner celebration. Noelle adores her dad above anyone else, always requesting him to sing to her at naptime and bedtime and yelling his name any time a door opens hoping hes coming in from work. One of my favorite things about her is how thrilled she is when we are getting her dressed in the morning and her hands reappear at the end of her sleeves after disappearing inside the shirt momentarily! She adores babies and is a constant tag along to her big sisters. She is truly a ray of sunshine in our home and she brightens so many hard and stressful moments.