Happy 4th Birthday Vivian

 Vivian's favorite color is purple ....and sometimes pink. She wants to eat everything that has sugar in it all day long and we often find she has stolen sweets from the pantry, freezer, or hunted it down from neighbors houses. She also loves bell peppers and quesadillas. She started taking ballet a few months ago and adores it- doing youtube classes when its not her actual class day and exclusively choosing ballet books from the library. She is the most social butterfly in our family which is really saying something and we often have to chase her down from knocking on friends doors before 8 am in the morning or carry her back home crying when its dinner time because she just can't stop playing. Every single night before bed she asks me to sing "Rainbows" to her to help her fall asleep. She still adores baby dolls and prefers them above any other toy.  She changes her outfit at least 4 times a day to fit her fancy and she still pees her pants every single day because she has so much FOMO she can't be bothered to find a toilet. She requested a unicorn/Frozen party this year and it was on a Sunday so we just kept it simple with family dinner and a pinata. I got to go to her preschool to celebrate her and read her favorite book and treats- I love making her feel special. Her personality fully owns her red hair and she's equal parts infuriating and adorable.