My life according to my Amazon cart

First and foremost... how did anyone ever survive without Amazon? If your store doesn't have either a shopping cart that neatly contains my two littles or even better a drive through so I don't have to unbuckle two carseats, strap a child to my chest and the other to my hand, come inside and try not to break anything, and then undo said chest/wrist straps and redo carseat buckles ... well thenI'm probably just going to get it online.

1. A book for me: Just doing some more research as sparked by this post. When my hubby comes home chatting about what he taught in his lessons, what he learned in his in-service, what he read in his Purdue class, and what he's considering for his PhD application... it makes me miss my college days of constant learning and this seems to be a good stand-in for now.

2. Soap for them: The eternal saga to find a laundry detergent that doesn't make my boys break out in hives... apparently this is the only one and no stores around here sell it!

3. Underwear for him: Slowly collecting lots and lots of potty training knowledge and paraphernalia. Not ready to take the plunge yet but he's talking about it. We had to go with Disney characters because apparently the San Francisco Giants do not make toddler training pants? Someone in marketing needs to get on that. *hint-don't Google "Giants underwear"

4. A mat for her: She's starting to make some {teeny tiny} progress with BLW and my wood floors are crying out in protest.